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10983252_10203844279442774_2187925031742368012_nIn march 2015 Wolf from Wogu-Scouting signed as director Germany for MenMoments Magazine( With the help of his team he is talking about everything that is hot in Germany.
Since 2012 and with an innovate editorial line, Men Moments is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine, with editors and contributors who travel to and live in the style capitals of the world, who can bring to the readers the front lines of luxury and fashion.

Published 12 times during the year, Men Moments features the sections of “Editorials” where you can find the best models and fashion photographers; “Fashion Alert ” where all the fashion trends and news take place; “Best Choice” where you can find the best of the best of a man´s world; “Places & Lifestyle” where you can find the best and most exclusive Hotels, Restaurants and Night Clubs in the world, as well the most exclusive and VIP parties; “Inspired Men” where the interviews with the men´s of the moment take place; “Art & Culture” where the best galleries and artists are a reference.

Men Moments Magazine comes in printed version available in the main fashion capitals in the world and online version available worldwide.

22. März 2015 Allgemein

IMG_0845klWir freuen uns, dass Kris aus Frankfurt nun von Amaze vertreten wird. Sein link. We are happy to announce that Kris is now with the highly reputated agency Amaze in Frankfurt. His link.

12. März 2015 Allgemein


IMG_0361klWir freuen uns, dass Tim Karlstetter nun von Donna Models Hamburg vertreten wird. Sein link
We are proud to announce that Tim Karlstetter from Hamburg is now represented by Donna Models hamburg. His link

20. Februar 2015 Allgemein


stefa-jpg-aef37895 Wir freuen uns, dass Stefan aus München nun von Amaze in Frankfurt vertreten wird. Sein Link. Happy to announce that Stefan from munich is now on the board of Amaze Frankfurt, his link

30. Januar 2015 Allgemein

Kult-Model-Agency_Simon_Lorinser__1422445887 Proud of Simon Lorinser (Kult Hamburg) for Club of Gents.His link

30. Januar 2015 Allgemein

by courtesy of Berlin Fashion Week

berliner-fashion-week-2013-default-56395-0Eine anstrengende aber auch schöne Woche in Berlin auf der Fashion Week liegen hinter Scout Klaus und WoGu-Chef Wolf. Es wurden Shows international bekannter Designer(wie z.B. Laurél, Glaw…), aber auch von Newcomern besucht, neue Kontakte zu Agenturen geschlossen und Interviews mit Models geführt. In der folgenden Zeit wird mehr über diese Zeit berichtet.
It was a tuff but also nice time on Berlin Fashion Week that January for scout Klaus and owner Wolf, also attending shows of known designers but also of newcomer designers. Besides that „show- hopping“ new contacts were made and also some interviews with models were held… more to come.

26. Januar 2015 Allgemein

by courtesy of Berlin Fashion Week

Vom 18.1. bis 25.1. 2015 wird in Berlin wieder die Fashion Week sein. Nationale und internationale Designer werden wieder zeigen, was der Trend in den kommenden Monaten sein wird. Da zahlreiche von WoGu-Scouting vermittelte Models von Designern gebucht wurden, sind auch Mitglieder des WoGu-Scouting Teams vor Ort. Gern können Termine für interessierte Modelanwärter mit den Scouts ausgemacht werden. Einfach an schreiben. Let´s rock it!

The Berlin Fashion Week will again take place between 18.1. and 25.1.2015. National and international designers will show the audience what the new trends will be. Several models placed by WoGu-scouting to their agencies will run, so it is obvious for the WoGu-Scouting team to attend the shows. Everyone who is interested in becoming a model is welcome to meet the WoGu-scouting guys, just write to

1. Januar 2015 Allgemein

Leo, permisson by Leo Eller one of our very first models, we did discover

16. Dezember 2014 Allgemein

by permission of Simon Proud of Simon, who found his way to KULT by WoGu-Scouting.

16. Dezember 2014 Allgemein

Yves by WoGu-Photography

Yves by WoGu-Photography

Yves wird nun auch von Amaze in Frankfurt durch Vermittlung von WoGu-Scouting repräsentiert. Der sympathische Badener hatte schon einige Aufträge für Editorials und Kataloge. Sein Link

Yves will now be on the board of amaze modelagency Frankfurt/Germany via WoGu-Scouting. He is quite experienced with editorials and catalogues. His link at amaze.

27. November 2014 Allgemein

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